About Us

Rixie Clip was developed by a couple in the US looking for a way to solve her own personal struggles trying to find bras that fit her properly without spending a fortune. Her small stature requiring a 28 band size made it seem virtually impossible to find any bras near that size in the department stores that she shopped at. Throughout time Rixie Clip has evolved into a unique, versatile patented design that allows you to EXTEND OR TIGHTEN YOUR bra bands to a custom fit in just minutes. Unlike sewing alterations that take time and are permanent, Rixie Clip is affordable and fully adjustable, letting you transfer it from one bra to the next. Even better, Rixie Clip gives you more for your money tightening and rejuvenating the bands on those expensive bras you thought you had to toss. Feel even sexier in a proper fitting bra and Rixie Clip helping keep the band in place to help give you better lift and cleavage. And who doesnt like a larger variety to choose or shop from? Rixie Clip can change the size of that gorgeous bra you wanted not offered in your size in just minutes to your own custom size and fit! Rixie Clip puts YOU in control of how your bras fit! (US & INTERNATIONAL PATENTS, REGISTERED TRADEMARK)